Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our First Radio Show - recap

So... I spent an hour Thursday talking with my trainer, Mark Leon, during our first episode of "Trainer Talk" on We covered various topics regarding fearful dogs, like socialization, introduction to your home, and leash walking. We were off to a rocky start because the instructions to dial in weren't quite clear, so I had to call in from my cell phone and from my computer microphone. Then, for a while, I didn't realize I should mute my cell phone (hence the echo if you listen in). Aside from that, my only big problem was that my mouth was too far away from the microphone, so Mark came in loud and clear (good!) but I was difficult to hear (probably better that way anyway!). Oh, and I started out with the wrong theme music for a second...oops!

Next week promises better recording quality and a very interesting interview with Kathryn Segura, renown Hollywood studio wrangler (the person behind the camera who makes animals do what they do on stage) and author of Hollywood Barks! her memoirs and training tips. I hope you'll tune in at 6pm EST (3pm PST) on Thursday and check it out!

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