Monday, May 31, 2010

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I received this impassioned email about puppy mills written by Anne Hyatt, a rescuer in Nebraska, and thought I would share. I absolutely agree with her, and would encourage you to check out the Mill Dog Manifesto, a free eBook available at,if you'd like to learn more.

I want everyone to know that when commercial breeding facilities (puppy mills) have "worn out dogs" or "dogs that are too old to breed" this is what happens to them. THEY GO TO AUCTION TO GET BOUGHT BY ANOTHER COMMERCIAL BREEDING FACILITY (puppy mill) TO BE USED FOR BREEDING AGAIN AND MAKING MORE PUPPIES SO THEY CAN BE SOLD FOR A PROFIT!!!!! The dogs that do not get sold are KILLED by their owners or returned to the breeding cycle. This is the cycle of breeding that puppy mill dogs go through until they are killed or die from an illness. Can you imagine this kind of life if you were one of these dogs. It would be like living in hell with no way out!!

Commercial breeders and back yard breeders (puppy mills) are also getting really smart. When they are told to get rid of a lot of their breeding stock by the State they will go to these auctions and buy back their breeding stock. This also has to stop!!

Below is a news clip of a dog auction in Ohio. The thought of dog auctions makes me as sick as commercial breeding facilities (puppy mills)!!!

THIS CYCLE MUST STOP!!! Shelters and rescues are already underfunded and over loaded with dogs that are thrown out by puppy mills or dogs that are unable to be sold in pet shops and online. Hundreds even thousands of dogs are euthanized each year because of over population due to puppy mills breeding TOO MANY DOGS.

Below is the link to the news clip. You will have to copy and paste this to view it.

Please, please pass this on to the people you know who are animal lovers. I want the world to know about dog auctions and puppy mills and how horrible they are and the inhumane treatment these innocent animals are subjected to.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for passing this information on to others who need to be aware of this.

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