Monday, October 12, 2009


Leslie Brown is the chief editor of Dogspired, a great website for dog lovers to share stories. She's also a rescue advocate and the guardian of several adopted dogs. Here's her story:

HTB: I know you've rescued several dogs in your life. What prompted you to want to adopt a dog instead of buy one?

Leslie: I became very involved with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest sanctuary in the country. I began to understand how shelter dogs needed homes more than dogs from a breeder. My interest led me to be very aggressive in saving dogs from destructive homes and either fostering them or taking them to the Humane Society where they had a chance of finding a better home environment.

HTB: What are some challenges you've faced with your dogs that may be unique to the fact that they were rescues?

Some of my rescue dogs were both wild and insecure, coming from a shelter or on the streets. Being older dogs for the most part, it was hard to train them, and although I gave them all the love that I could, they still carried around some scars from their puppyhood.

HTB: What is the greatest joy you've found in adopting dogs?

Leslie: I knew how much love I could give these dogs that were originally so sad and homeless. I was happy to give them a good home and a wonderful new life.

HTB: Tell us about What is it and how did you get involved?

Leslie: Originally, I found an ad on Craig’s List in the Seattle area calling for writers who love dogs. I was thrilled because I’ve been a writer for years, and have always had dogs. Dogspired looked like the perfect opportunity to share my stories about my many dogs. Most of the articles were and continue to be personal accounts of how inspiring being a companion to a dog can be. I added stories, and then asked about editing. I soon became Chief Editor, involved in the day-to-day writing and editing efforts of the blog. David (the founder) is amazing in how he manages the site, so it was easy to become passionate about making sure the articles, some correspondence, and some administrator involvement were the best that they could be.

HTB: How can the rescue community benefit from becoming a member of

Leslie: Dogspired is unique in that it allows for all kinds of stories about dogs, including many rescue stories, as well as any number of personal stories about dogs. The shelter stories are peppered with details about rescue and the joy that these dogs bring to people who adopt them. The rescue community can benefit from being involved with Dogspired by reading and becoming inspired by the many wonderful adoption stories that have happy endings.

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