Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Clover is a company that has always supported rescue. In fact, my first introduction to their products was at a local Labrador Retriever rescue party. When they told me they were relaunching their OptaGest product with new packaging, I was excited to catch up with the founder, Rebecca Rose, and find out more:

HTB: Rebecca, what prompted you to found In Clover?

RR: In Clover really found me. I was doing research with the National Institutes of Health and became interested in pet health. I found that there were no complete and natural options for the number one chronic condition in dogs and cats, joint disorder, so I developed Connectin. In 1996, we did a clinical trial to prove that Connectin is safe and effective and the told the people whose pets participated in the trial that we would provide them with product after the study ended. The response was overwhelming and In Clover was formed.

HTB: I understand you're coming out with new packaging for your OptaGest product. Tell me about it - what sort of ailments does this digestive supplement help?

RR: OptaGest is one of those products that if you just want an overall healthier pet, it will make a difference quickly. OptaGest is used for things like diarrhea, gas, stress resulting in digestive upset, food change and antibiotic use. Since 70% of a pet’s digestive system is located in the digestive tract, daily OptaGest use will support the pet’s immune system. Our new product format is a single serving stick that can be used for convenience when you are traveling with your pet or an easy way try the product.

HTB: Could this product be helpful for people with rescued dogs?

RR: OptaGest is great for rescued dogs. My rescue, Floyd, the furry one in the picture, came to us completely stressed out, starving, full of ticks and weary of living on the streets. I immediately put him on a good food and supplemented with OptaGest. I enjoy seeing him blossom into a happy, vibrant and lovely boy. His digestive and immune systems are healthy and strong. My vet said Floyd is a picture of health and he deserves it!

HTB: Where can people get OptaGest?

RR: OptaGest is available through independent pet stores, natural grocers, catalogs, vets and pet product e-tailers. Go to the In Clover website to find a retailer near you.

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