Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rescue...chocolate? Yum!

I was so excited to come across the Rescue Chocolate website because I saw so many similarities between founder Sarah Gross' vision for her business and my own for Happy Tails Books. Learn all about her sweet idea in my interview with her below:

HTB: Sarah, tell us about your background with animals. Was there an event or animal in particular that inspired you to get involved with rescue?

SG: I have always had a soft spot for animals. Knowing that we are their voice, I feel that it is so important to work on animal issues in a variety of industries (factory farms, entertainment, and of course, 'animal control'). I began volunteering at my local animal shelter in Louisiana when I was about nine years old. Back then, I just loved petting the puppies and feeling like I was helping in some way.

HTB: How did you come up with the idea for Rescue Chocolate? How long ago did you start your company?

SG: I had the idea in December 2009, and just a few weeks after that, the company was born! I have felt like the impact I want to make on the world should be something big to improve the lives of animals, specifically homeless pets. When I was walking my dog (a rescued 'mini-pittie' named Mocha Bella) one cold December morning, the idea struck! I had eaten a great chocolate that morning and my mind was buzzing with creativity. "Rescue Chocolate" as a name just popped into my head, and I developed the idea from there.

HTB: Where can people buy rescue chocolate? How much do you donate back to rescues from each purchase, and to which rescues do you donate?

People can purchase directly from our website, and they can also consult our "Where to Buy" page for retail outlets. We are always looking for new stores (pet stores, groceries, even veterinary offices) to be carried in, so we invite all to send along the names of stores you would like to see Rescue Chocolate in.

SG: After our operating expenses, all net profits are donated to animal rescue organizations. When people buy directly from Rescue Chocolate, profits are donated to the rescue of the month, which for May is the No Kill Advocacy Center.
When a rescue organization sells the chocolate itself, they are able to raise awareness on these homeless pet issues and use all of the net profits from the sales for their programs. See our "Who We Help" page to view all of the organizations that are benefiting so far.

HTB: What advice would you give others who want to help animals in need but maybe aren't quite sure how?

SG: Whatever you enjoy doing, you can find a way to tie it into helping animals. If you have accounting skills for example, you could offer your time and skills to a rescue group. If you're a runner, shelter animals are always in need of good exercise. If you have any time on the weekend, you can volunteer at adoption events. The ways to help are limitless, find a group you're interested in, and ask what they need. They'll be grateful for anything you can offer.

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